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Hello Rebecca,

My name is Mike.
Before I get to my question, I feel I need to set it up. I apologize in advance.
I feel cursed. No matter what I try to do to change my life it never works out. Any positive possibilities that come my way do not work out. I am afraid to feel hope, because it always backfires on me. It makes me feel like I am being punished for something and I have no idea what it is I did wrong.
So, my question: What can I do to change my life? What am I missing, or not paying attention to?
Thank you for your time.
I am grateful.
Name: James M
Age: 42
Location: San Diego, CA


Hello Mike,
Thank you for reaching out with a question. I appreciate you taking a chance on me and yourself. No need to apologize for how you set up to ask the question.
You have done NOTHING wrong! Wrong and right is all relative and a matter of perception. You have only done and acted in the manner you were meant to for your highest good. There is no such thing as a mistake. The path you are on has been a difficult one. You’ve certainly had more than your fair share of trials and tribulations to say the least. You are a sensitive man meaning you feel deeply. Your depth of feeling is extremely strong which is neither good or bad it just is. It creates your reality. The plus side for you is that you are powerful in what you feel so you can manifest and create it very quickly, some times even instantly. This can be a blessing and a curse. The blessing comes when you have mastered your internal state of being to be one of peace, love, hope, acceptance, joy, and contentment.  This is your journey. The curse is when you are only able to feel hopeless, fear, resentment, anger, frustration, negativity and insecurity. This is your journey that leads you to mastering your internal state. All the difficult/negative things that have happened to you is the depth to which you will be living a fulfilled and joyous life. You are destined to help others.
You have all the power to make the positive life changes you desperately desire. It is not an impossibility like you believe. Unfortunately, as a child your beliefs were shaped by the world around you. Specifically your mother. You learned from her about pessimism, the struggles of life, a negative outlook and how to be a victim. She only did and lived by what she learned from her parents. She wasn’t even aware that she was outwardly expressing herself in such a manner. It’s the norm and still is for many many people. We were all taught to see things in a doom and gloom way. Being young, impressionable and sensitive it affected you immensely. You fell into a victim mentality. You fell into fear. You fell into believing life is meant to be hard.
You feel things will NEVER (remove this word from your vocabulary entirely for the next month) work out. You feel as if you are cursed. You feel like you are being punished. These are your words. Can you feel and see how those choices of words keep empowering and manifesting more of the same? Here’s what you are missing and not seeing. Your emotional state, what you feel and CHOOSE to focus on whether consciously or subconsciously is an energetic vibration. These vibrations are sent out to the Universe. The Universe responds in kind by giving you exactly what it is you are feeling. So everything in your life will reflect back to you your internal state of being. This is why it feels like you are on an endless path of nothing working out for you no matter how hard you try. Subconsciously you self sabotage because this is the perception and energy of feeling like a victim.The key is shifting your perception to help shift how you feel. You must practice becoming aware of your feelings and what you are choosing to focus on because it is being projecting out to the world. You must start taking ownership of your feelings by taking responsibility for the choices you make. You are in a constant state of worry and stress. It saddens me really because I can feel your heart, your soul and what a magnificent human being you are….you just don’t see it or believe it for yourself. Your heart can touch lives and create everything you desire plus more. I feel strongly your story, your journey, your life is meant to be shared with people. You have the power to empower yourself and others.
Start quieting your mind, it’s a chatter box of negativity. Your mind is lying to you because it believes it is protecting you. Well, it’s not it is keeping you stuck in a cycle of patterns that leave you feeling unworthy and less than. Which we both know is NOT true. Become very aware of your thoughts and catch them when they go into a negative place. You’ll feel it because you’ll start feeling sad and bad about yourself. In that moment when you catch your thought. Stop and focus on your breath. Take a few deep breaths and then feel proud of yourself, thank yourself and love yourself. Also become aware of the words you are using when communicating. Are you complaining, are you only describing the negative or are you seeing all the good and positive aspects. Love yourself unconditionally, accept all the parts you see as cursed.
Physically I felt as if the right upper side of your body is fatigued. It feels like at the top and back of your shoulder is muscle tightness to the point it’s pinching a nerve and causing some pins and needles to numbness down your arm to your hand. Both your biceps and wrists feel as if they are achy. I also feel you experience headaches and may be having one as I type. I also feel this weird pain under your right armpit in the rib area. Your breathing tends to be shallow. Take in the oxygen and breath more deeply down into your belly. This will help shake loose some energetic blocks you have throughout your body. The only other thing I felt was as if your left toe was hurting or hurt. I shared a lot of energy with you when I tapped into you. You will start feeling angry, be with it, anger is just a symptom of sadness. Let it out. Cry. Do it, I dare you. Cry. Then cry harder. Scream if you have to too.
I hope I was able to shed some light on your question. You have such a wonderful gift of manifestation. Use it to your advantage to manifest the life you will be happy living. You CAN and WILL do this undoubtedly! Have hope, have faith and feel blessed even when you feel cursed.

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