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Hey Rebecca! Hope you’re doing well. My mom gave me your email, because I guess she thought I needed it, and she’s right, I do.

I’m going through a lot right now and it’s all very shitty. Yesterday my boyfriend was in a horrible car wreck, causing him to be sent immediately to the hospital, and totaling his car. Luckily he’s stable and alive, no broken bones or internal damage, just some staples to the head. And if it couldn’t get any worse, I woke up early this morning to find my car broken into. They stole everything – my wallet, cash, piece, bud, clothes, shoes, even my boyfriend’s watch and amps since we moved them into my car after his accident. Then I come to find they already used my credit card.

I’m absolutely distraught. My birthday is in 4 days and this is supposed to be a happy and exciting time, celebrating my life…but I just don’t feel it. There’s nothing to celebrate.

I don’t have any faith left in humanity. Every chance they get, people hurt you. Why can’t we help each other instead? I just don’t understand it. I don’t really understand why any of this is happening to me either. I guess you can’t give me much of an answer for that…but anything helps. Thank you.

Name Withheld



Hi Name Withheld,

Energetically and physically you feel pretty light and clear. I do however feel you spend an awful lot of time in your head. Thinking and thinking then thinking some more about everything and anything. You are also constantly beating yourself up mentally. You feel like you should be doing more and be further along with your goals. You feel scattered and chaotic on the inside. You’re not sure where to direct your energy. You have a lot of energy flowing through you currently. You are definitely in the process of purging and shifting to new levels of consciousness.

Here’s the part that is going to sting a little bit my love. Everything that is happening to you, is being created by you. You simply do not realize how powerful you are in your creations. Your internal state of being, is being reflected back to you in your everyday life. You my dear are the starring role of your very own drama being played out every day in this reality. Your beliefs and your strong feelings shape your reality. What you believe and focus on becomes real when they are fueled by emotion.

You see the Universe wants to give you everything your heart desires. However, the only way the Universe knows what to give you is by the energy, emotion and attention you put out and into something. So, for example, let’s take your strong feelings about not having any faith left in humanity because people hurt you every chance they get. You have a very strong belief about this statement and subconsciously you’ve had it in every lifetime and it’s playing out tenfold in your life currently. The Universe is reinforcing your belief because you believe it and feel it, so you keep calling people into your life that will hurt you. Whether they are friends, family or strangers they just keep coming one by one to hurt you and prove your belief in people and humanity as a whole. Why? Because you are attracting them to you like a magnet. Like attracts like energetically. You have the will, the strength and the power to change what keeps showing up in your life. Simply by realizing and dealing with your own inner turmoil.

You have a lot of heartache Name Withheld. Whether you are aware of the sadness, fear, and betrayals you carry deep within you or not they are there and they will continue to haunt you until you let them out. You feel abandoned, betrayed, unworthy and enraged. You keep these feelings locked away hidden deep inside of you by constantly thinking, doing and distracting yourself. One of these distraction tactics is creating some of the drama playing out in your life. What the Universe is trying to show you with all these things happening around you and to you, is that it’s time to stop avoiding your true feelings. You’re sad, you’re afraid and you’re feeling powerless to do anything about it. You also have a belief that life is meant to be a struggle. So for you it ends up being the case.

The good news is that you are destined to have all of your dreams and desires come true in this lifetime. The road may be a bit bumpy at times but it’s how you react and handle the bumps that makes all the differences. Those bumps make you stronger. Honestly, in the grand scheme of life and all the blessings you have and the things you have to look forward to, does it really matter someone stole your shit? They are material objects that you will have again and your credit card will be refunded. Find the blessing in the things you perceive as negative. Your boyfriend is alive and well. This incident is a wake- up call for him too. He needs to slow down in life as well. He needs to deal with his unresolved emotional drama and his anger issues. He has unresolved daddy issues much like yourself. It’s time to get real with yourselves and each other.

Name Withheld, you are extremely gifted in manifestation. You can have it all. Start focusing and feeling what it is you DO want to happen in your life. Then take action steps towards them. Restore your faith in humanity, find your compassion, understanding and forgiveness for those who have hurt you in anyway. Remember we are all one in the same and everyone is struggling in one way or another. Forget the drama surrounding the last several days. It’s done, it happened and everyone is okay. Focus on being happy and start planning your birthday celebration. Clear your mind and meditate, it will help. Oh and please start listening to your intuition, you’re blocking it out. You can and will do this. Your life will be on an upswing before you know it…right now you just need to deal with some emotional stuff dying to get out and realize you have no one to blame.

Sending you lots of love and healing. I hope I was able to give you a little insight and help you shift your perspective on things. Let me know how things work out for you.



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