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I have a few questions for you.Recently I started breaking out with pimples on my chin and right half of my face.  I’ve never had acne and since June it just won’t go away.  What’s the root cause and what steps can I take to stop the breakouts?!?

Also, I’m blocked financially.  I’m barely making it by if you can call it that.  I know I need to get another job or switch jobs all together.  I originally planned on going back to school to get my Masters in Psychology and pursue that career.  I want a career in which my true essence and authenticity can be expressed and I don’t know if clinical psych is the route.  I want something a little exciting too in which all my gifts and talents can be expressed.  I have so many ideas and directions I think I would want to go but not clear as to which path is best.  Any ideas as to what is blocking me and/or how to get unstuck so I can find my career path?  Any clues or insight in to what direction I should take or do?

Last but not least, every girl has to ask about love.  I’ve shifted through a lot of love garbage and feel like I’m in a place to receive true love.  I feel like my ego is no longer in control of picking men, men which are bad for me.  But answer any of these: who, what, why, & where can I find Mr Right?  What’s keeping me from having a fulfilling relationship with man?

Any and all insight is greatly appreciated!


~ S, Age 32
Orlando, FL


Hello S,
Wonderful. I love questions.
After connecting and consulting with your higher self or in other words your soul. The following is what I received:
I feel initially you started breaking out on your chin due to normal hormonal changes within your body and changes in your diet. Once you became aware of your acne it turned into something much deeper. Acne triggered issues surrounding vanity, control, and rejection which all stem from the “root” cause of fear. The more you became fixated on not wanting to have acne the more acne appeared. This time on the right side of your face. Ahhhh the power of creation and manifestation! The more emotion behind FEELING unattractive, undesirable and FEELING like you have no control over the situation the more acne appeared. Your soul gave me a few simple solutions to share with you. First accept the fact you have acne and really FEEL good about your acne. Love yourself completely….acne and all. Secondly, start washing your face after sweating even if it’s with just water. Do not let the sweat absorb. Wash your face at night and in the morning with a gentle cleanser something with rose or chamomile. You are sleeping on the right side of your face so wash your pillow case more frequently. Especially if going to bed without taking off make up or washing off sweat from the course of your day. You should see results fairly quickly.
Financially you are blocked because you are creating from a space of lack and you are afraid to make a choice regarding your career. Fear once again surrounds your forward motion. Let’s address the money issue first. You are extremely powerful in your manifestations and because you put so much energy and FEELING into not having enough you stay stuck in lack. You have a fear of money. In a past life it magnified your negative traits. Subconsciously this affects you in this lifetime. Currently you FEEL guilty when spending money on the things you enjoy doing or buying. You are also FEELING guilty you spent money for a college education in a field you may not be interested in pursuing after all. In essence you are telling the Universe it doesn’t FEEL good to spend money nor do you FEEL you have enough of it to be spending. In return the Universe gives you more of what you are FEELING since it has no other means of distinguishing what it is you truly want. 
Now let’s focus on your career question. You have many fears surrounding your career. You FEEL afraid to make a choice because what if you choose wrong?! You have a fear of losing your freedom if you choose incorrectly. You have both a fear of success and a fear of failure. You fear the unknown and all the what ifs that come along with believing in yourself and your abilities. In order to move past these blocks surrounding both money and career be honest with yourself about your fears. Start addressing each one and accept that they exist. Then be courageous and take steps towards pursuing your career goals. Listen to all the ideas you have coming to you from your higher self, your intuition, and write them down. Keep a small notebook in your purse. Every time an idea pops up, write it down then see which ideas keep repeating and coming to you over and over again. Those are the ones to build on and visualize coming to fruition. Incorporate your psychic and healing gifts to use in conjunction with your clinical psychology degree. Be innovative and creative. Meditate, listen, trust and take action steps. If you are headed in the wrong direction doors will close and others will open leading and guiding your path. Motion, action is key in any direction, do something and it will lead you somewhere. The Universe will respond.
Love, love, love….everybody wants it yet everybody fears it. I definitely feel you have shifted some love baggage. I feel strongly once you shift and address the above issues you will find a man. Subconsciously you feel you have nothing to offer a relationship. You are feeling a little insecure about your financial situation and the fact you haven’t made a career choice. Once you find your confidence and get your mojo back you will meet a man. Perhaps in the chosen field of your career path. It’s time to step out of your routine and the box you have become accustomed to by freeing yourself of these self imposed limitations surrounding finances by taking some chances. The love and flow you create from taking these steps will surely attract a soul mate. Another issue is to shift your focus on what you want and like in a man. Really visualize and FEEL what kind of guy you want in your life. The kind of guy you deserve. Feel the happiness and joy of being in a healthy mutually understanding and loving relationship. If it helps, write down what you want just remember not to limit yourself by making a finite list of do or die. Be open to the Universe sending you what you need.  
In closing, the common denominator in all the blocks you are currently experiencing is what you FEEL and BELIEVE. Become aware of what you are FEELING. Be honest with yourself about what it is you are FEELING and allow yourself to FEEL it even if unpleasant. Then start FEELING what it is you do want to create in love, in finances and in career. Energy in emotions is what fuels creation in realms beyond the physical. You are powerful and gifted. You can create and have anything your heart desires. GO FOR THE GOLD!!!!
During this session I was able to feel and intuitively dissolve some of the energetic blocks carried within your physical body while connecting with your soul. You should be feeling lighter and may even experience some physical sensations of energetic releases throughout the next couple of days. 

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