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Hi Rebecca,

Last year was a very difficult year for me and my family, my question for you is “are we going to be able to own a house again/soon?” Thank you so much!





Hi Maria,

Thank you for submitting your question. 

The answer to your question is “yes, you will” if this is what you truly want for you and your family. The timing is dependent on how quickly you realize and understand why the last year has been extremely difficult for you and your family. Some self reflection is in order for all involved.

In any experience that shakes the foundation of your sense of security, like the difficult times your family faced last year, it’s for a higher purpose. It forces you to question and re-evaluate everything in your life. These experiences can show up in the form of financial failure, death of a loved one, health problems, job loss or divorce. These events affect the core of your existence and who you perceive yourself to be, it’s directly attached to your belief system. It affects you spiritually, mentally, emotionally  and physically. These type of events can be a humbling experience.

The most important thing you need to realize, is through destruction comes creation. It’s about learning, growth and evolution. It’s realizing the difficulties from the past year were experiences that forced you out of your comfort zone, to force immediate change upon you and your family for your highest good. Once you hit rock bottom the choice is yours to revert back to old habits, patterns, beliefs, fear and worry or to create from a new perspective. These moments are necessary for spiritual growth and enlightenment. Truth and honesty will bring positive change, even if you have to experience pain and anxiety throughout the process.

You’re strong and courageous. You know the steps you need to take in order to achieve your goals. You can be very disciplined, structured and in control of your environment when it comes to making your dreams a reality. Just try not to become too controlling of others. You also need to let go of the attachment to material things. Sure, we all want nice things and stuff in our lives but when you’re attached to having those things (meaning afraid to lose them) inevitably you will lose them. Also, letting go of the notion that owning a home is directly linked to your social status and self worth will help you achieve what you want more quickly as well. Let go of your belief that material objects, a certain job, money and education are linked to who you are as an individual. No one is judging you, but you. 

I feel some very positive things happening in the near future for your family through financial stability and gains, plus a new home you can own. Stay the course, go with the flow and pay attention to what’s happening to you internally and externally. Good things are on the way, especially when you are working so hard to create them.

I wish you all the best. 


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