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Dear Rebecca… My question…I’m just not sure when asking…how much info to give?  I’ve had it pretty tough for the past 3 years. My boyfriend is keeping me, no he’s not living with me, just helping to pay my bills. And I’m getting a few dollars from my husbands pension.





Hi Sharon,

Although you did not ask a specific question I felt compelled to respond. I feel strongly you are experiencing fear on a multitude of levels. I also feel you know it’s time to take some necessary risks in your life to bring about the change you so desperately desire. You’ve lost all sense of yourself and are feeling so unworthy because you feel you can’t survive without someone helping you. You’ve become stuck in a victim mentality.

You are resisting what your intuition and heart is telling you to do. You know you do not want to continue being dependent on someone and you know the person you are dependent on currently isn’t really who you see yourself spending the remainder of your life with…

Your heart is telling you it’s time to figure out who you are, what you want, what you like, what you need, what your passions are and ultimately what your purpose is AND it’s telling you to do it on your own, free of relationship and responsibility to someone else’s needs. The problem is you feel so battered and beaten from the last several years, not to mention your entire life that you are afraid to take action. Afraid to commit to yourself, afraid to love yourself, afraid to be alone, afraid you’ll fail, afraid you won’t survive and afraid to repeat choices you’ve made in the past that led you down a dead end road. It’s scary I know. However, the time is now Sharon. It’s NOW. It’s time to take back your power, it’s time to take responsibility for your life and time to create the life you day dream about on a regular basis. Stop yourself from believing you are unworthy. Your expectations are not unrealistic. This is your life and you get to choose to live and experience everything your heart desires. You just have to take a leap forward and trust it will lead you down the right path. You must change your perception of yourself. You reached out to me because your soul is ready, it’s your negative core beliefs about yourself that are holding you back. 

This is your opportunity to take a huge step forward by embracing and accepting what’s happened in the past. By taking a look at it with fresh eyes and seeing the blessings in the time of turmoil. You survived, you are better and stronger for what you have been through. You can help other women overcome similar challenges in life. In order for you to achieve the freedom of these past burdens you must choose to forgive, let go of regret and accept everything is and was as it should be. You chose to experience all of this before you ever incarnated. You chose these challenges because you knew they were for your highest good, you knew once you moved passed them they would bring you the greatest joy. You are right there Sharon, right there teetering on the edge of the cliff of the unknown. All you have to do is take a step forward or jump feet first into the limitless potential of the life you desire. Create it consciously.

You are a sweet, loving and special woman. Be free, be unapologetic, you have nothing to be sorry about, you’ve only ever done what you needed to do to move forward in life. Now forgive yourself and move on. No more victim. You are not a victim. You are an empowered woman with choice.

You are afraid of the unknown and you’re not alone, the majority of the planet is afraid of the unknown. It’s what you do with fear that counts. You can choose to let it keep you stuck or you can choose to let it be a motivator of courage to push you into the unknown. What’s a greater risk? Staying exactly as you are….afraid, unhappy, longing, hoping, wishing things would be different or taking the leap to create change, to experience a newness, to experience love, to experience anything and everything you want without fear of what’s to come? My perspective is there is no risk. Say absolute worst case scenario you take the chance to create a new empowered life and it turns out exactly as the old one you were willing to stay stuck in anyway, then no biggie right? You got what you wanted. However, the Universe and law of attraction wouldn’t allow that to happen because like attracts like….so if you are taking empowered healthy actions then you’ll receive empowered healthy results. No risk, only reward in my book.

Get a notebook and write down everything you want for yourself, no matter how silly it may seem. Then write down everything you believe is keeping you from achieving what you want for yourself. If you feel like sharing with me what you write down, please do, and I will give you some guidance on how to achieve your goals. 

Sharon, you are beautiful, kind, generous and loving. You care so much about others. You are a care taker and giver. You aim to please to a fault. Believe in yourself. Stop the voice in your head that continually tells you, you are not good enough, not deserving enough, not pretty enough, not worthy enough, not loving enough, not secure enough and the list goes on. You have beat yourself up with false beliefs since childhood. The situations and people in your life are continually reinforcing these beliefs about yourself because you believe them to be true. Your subconscious beliefs are a magnet. Change the way you feel about yourself and all of a sudden the situations and people in your life will continually reinforce the positive beliefs you have about yourself instead of the negative ones. 

You can change your perception and beliefs. I know this to be true. I can see it for you in the future. Will it be challenging at times? YES. Will it be scary at times? YES. Will the inward journey to self awareness and realization be a rewarding one? HELL YES!

I sincerely wish you all the best on your journey to self discovery. I offer my coaching sessions on a sliding scale to meet the needs of everyone who is serious about their growth in self love and empowerment. All you need to do is reach out to me. I’m here to support you. I want you to become so empowered and confident within yourself that you never have to seek outside of yourself for validation again. I want you to feel so good and empowered in yourself that you can turn around to guide others in their journey to self love.



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