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Hi Rebecca – 

A friend shared your information with me and encouraged me to email you with a question.
I guess what I am most concerned about these days is how to access the “bigger plan.” I get really lost, caught up in every day drama and often try to control things in order to find direction in life. How do I open communication with my spirit guides and angels and access divine guidance on a more regular basis? I feel like my lack of trust in the “bigger” or “better plan” has seriously impeded my happiness and success.
I hope that’s not to heady. 
39 yrs old

Hi Anonymous,

I’m happy you decided to take a chance and email me your question.
I immediately sensed the heaviness you are carrying energetically. This heaviness is fear. Fear is why you try to control the things happening in your life. Controlling your surroundings including people gives you a false sense of security and direction. You fear failure. This keeps you stuck because you fear if you make the wrong decision or choose incorrectly you will be seen as a failure. What happens then is subconsciously you make a choice to focus on the every day dramas in your life. This creates the feeling as if you have no other choice but to give your immediate attention to deal with these dramas to resolve them. It’s your way of distracting yourself from the bigger picture. It’s comforting to you and it’s a pattern you’ve fallen into to avoid dealing with unresolved fears and trust issues you experience within.   
The one thing you do really have control over is what you feel. The first step is to love and trust yourself. Allow yourself to feel whatever emotion arises throughout the day. Be aware of what you are thinking and feeling. Don’t label, don’t judge just observe. When you observe yourself trying to control your surroundings or suppress an emotion of fear or sadness allow yourself to experience it for a moment. Realize it needs to be expressed in order to integrate so it no longer keeps you stuck. This will help clear out some of the cobwebs and create space within so you can begin hearing your Divine self. The more you clear out emotional baggage the more you will feel your intuition kicking in, guiding you in the right direction. Start practicing by acting on the feelings you feel are your intuition or your angels guiding you. You can not make a wrong decision or choice. There is no such thing. Every action step you take will lead you somewhere even if that ends up being a closed door. A closed door is your guides pointing you in a new direction. Trust in yourself is key. The more you practice listening and following your intuition the more you will trust yourself. Your intuition will always be good feelings, happy feelings, right feelings. 
A simple exercise to start connecting with your guides, angels and higher self every day is to meditate in bed before falling asleep. Lay on your back with your arms along side of your body with palms facing up. Take a deep breath through your nose and as you inhale state within “you are open to receive”. Exhale through your mouth and as you exhale allow your body to sink into your bed. Repeat these steps 3 times. Then relax into just being. When a thought arises instead of seeing where it leads stop yourself by focusing on your breath. Become aware of your body and feel the energy flowing in your body. You will feel a tingling sensation or a vibration all over even sensations of hot and cold. Focus your eyes (closed eyes) to the center of your brow. This will help open your 3rd eye more. You may experience different colors, lights or even a slight headache. If it gets uncomfortable adjust your eyes to where they are comfortable. This is all about doing what feels good. 
During the normal course of your day invite your angels and guides to participate in your day. Ask them for a sign in whatever you are questioning. Be prepared to get results in unexpected ways. You are always being guided even when you are not consciously aware. 
 When I connected with your soul. Physically I felt you experience nausea and anxiety frequently. I even feel you may have other stomach issues like constipation. You carry tension in your shoulders and neck. I sense physically your body is very contracted. Meaning you are holding/carrying yourself tightly, muscles tense, holding of breath in instances, clenching your jaw, shoulders pulled to your ears and just an over all feeling of you guarding yourself. You tend to hold certain feelings and emotions within to outwardly portray you are in control yet on the inside you are anything but controlled so then you end up losing control. Which ends up making you feel bad about yourself or leaves you feeling guilty.  I see clutter or disorganization in some areas of your life. Clean up your outer surroundings this will help you feel less chaotic on the inside and will help alleviate the need to control.  I was able to clear some of your energetic blocks. So over the next few days you may be feeling lighter/happier but more emotional then usual. Just allow yourself to experience whatever arises. 
I hope I was able to give you some insight. There is no doubt in my heart you will be trusting and flowing your way to success. You are the creator of your reality and carry all the power within. I wish you all the best. 

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