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 HI Rebecca.
My friend gave me your email and said it was ok to ask you a question. You came highly recommended!
My question or clearing that I need is -why have I never felt smart enough for anyone, anything etc. so that I am just ‘stuck’ not moving?
Thank you so much ahead of time.
Here is my info –
Name : Cristyn
Age : 41
Location : San Diego, CA


Hi Cristyn,

 I’m happy you decided to give me an opportunity to answer your question. I’m humbled to hear I came highly recommended. I appreciate the compliment immensely.

 I feel you have a very bubbly, silly, happy type disposition. You’ve been this way since you were a child. You were good at school but it’s not something that interested you very much, it was something you had to do, so you did it but just enough to get by to keep your parents some what happy and off your back. Because you were lighthearted and had such a bubbly personality people completely misunderstood you. To be frank you pissed people off and still do. You were just too happy for them, misery loves company. They perceived you as not being serious and as a silly girl. Silly and not serious automatically meant you weren’t intelligent. You being a very young empath were able to pick up on those vibes from others. It wasn’t often in your younger years that someone called you dumb or stupid, it happened on occasion. Enough for it to be noticed by you and it stung a bit. It hurt your heart. Mostly though you felt the vibrations. You picked up on their energetic frequencies and impressions of what they thought about you and what they thought about themselves. Also, more recently you have been experiencing forgetfulness and kind of a floaty, air headed feeling in your head. Totally normal. You’re shifting, you’re brain is re-wiring and it’s a symptom of ascension. Besides, everything you are meant to remember you will. Anything else doesn’t matter it’s meant to be forgotten.

 Subconsciously you started believing you weren’t smart. Then slowly but surely your life began to mirror that feeling in several ways. Not in overly aggressive belligerent ways but enough to remind you of how you really felt. It showed up through boyfriends, friends, co-workers, schools and strangers. There were even times you were trying to complete a task that you struggled with and chalked it up to you just not being smart enough. The fear of not being smart enough is what keeps you stuck and not taking chances to pursue your dreams and goals. Deep down you’ve always known how you felt. Otherwise, this would not be the topic of your question. In turn these feelings have you overcompensating at times by making yourself more flamboyant to deflect others from thinking you aren’t smart. You try to hide your insecurities in very clever ways. So cleverly you can even hide them from yourself. 

 Here’s the deal though. You are super smart, you are a very intelligent woman. You are extremely street smart so to speak and are tapped into that cosmic consciousness where all the knowledge and skills reside from every single soul. You’re just not aware of it….yet. You’re book smart too but not giving yourself enough credit. You’ve acknowledged how you feel about yourself, now accept those feelings by loving yourself, flaws and all. Next, I challenge you to be courageous, stand in the face of your fears and take one action step forward toward a goal/dream that you felt you weren’t smart enough to do. Do this and I promise you the ball will start rolling you right into the flow and direction of empowerment, self love, motivation and joy. There is nothing in this world you are not smart enough to accomplish especially something you are passionate about.

 Lastly, physically I picked up on an area in, behind and around your left eye. I wasn’t able to feel whether this was a block from an injury that occurred in this life time or last. However, it felt as if there was some trauma to that area and your frontal lobe. I was able to release the pressure and healing energies are moving it out. You may experience some weird sensations in that area (bubbling, tingling, hot, cold) and may even experience some blurriness with your eye. It will pass quickly. Emotionally you feel pretty stable right this moment but I feel some issues of self worth and a tendency to internally beat yourself up over the next few days will arise. Let it out in whatever fashion feels good to you. You’ll know. Pay attention to what are your feelings and those that belong to others. You are sensitive and at times can let things influence you emotionally that do not even belong to you. By meditating and listening to your higher self you’ll move into deeper states of self love, peace, understanding and your gifts. I wish you all the best. I would love to hear how things progress for you keep in touch.




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