What can I expect during my first session with Rebecca?

Whether you choose an Intuitive Life Coaching session or a Psychic Reading Rebecca will first connect with your soul prior to your scheduled appointment. She will write down her impressions and feelings of what she believes you need to know for your highest good during your session. You will be able to ask Rebecca any questions you like about anything pertaining to your life and those around you.


Can Rebecca connect me with a loved one who has passed away?

Yes, Rebecca can connect you with loved ones who have crossed over. However, she cannot guarantee your loved one will be able to communicate with her. Every soul has a different skill level at communicating through a medium. Some are better at it than others. It takes time for your loved ones to adjust to their new reality so some may not be able to communicate as soon as they cross over.


Does it matter if I schedule a phone, Skype or in person session? Is one better than the other for accuracy?


No, it does not make a difference. We are energetic multidimensional beings vibrating at frequencies unseen to the naked eye and those are the energies Rebecca connects with from you and her guides. Rebecca does Intuitive Coaching sessions, Psychic Readings and Energy work remotely with clients all over the world.


What is an Intuitive Life Coach?

An intuitive life coach is a professional who helps you change your life and live your dreams by helping you access your own intuition. They use a combination of traditional goal setting, help break old habits and build new skills with spiritual principles. By gauging your energy and emphasizing emotional and spiritual healing, intuitive life coaches are exceptional at helping clients release the blockages that keep them from moving forward.

Intuitive life coaches may or may not possess psychic abilities, however, those who do, like Rebecca are able to add an additional layer to their coaching practice. They may be able to help you work through your issues faster and tear down walls and blockages that you may not realize you have.

Whether or not you want to work with a psychic is your choice, and it is something that you need to consider while determining the qualities you would like to have in a coach. You may find that working with a psychic is too intense, or you may be uncomfortable with the transparency of the relationship.

While there are many benefits to working with a psychic coach, it is not for everyone and it’s important for you to go with whoever you think will be able to help you in the most effective way.


What can I expect from intuitive coaching sessions with Rebecca?

While working with Rebecca, you can expect to confront issues that have been holding you back and preventing you from creating a reality you love to be in. As uncomfortable as confrontation can be, it’s often necessary for healing. Recognizing your issues, strengths, and weaknesses is a first step to wholeness and can provide invaluable guidance while on the path to living the life of your dreams.

Rebecca works with the energy you project to resolve your deepest issues. She uses her intuition to sense your blockages and help you root out the source of your pain. She can then assist you by guiding you through the process of introducing new habits, thoughts, and beliefs that support the life you want to live. By healing these issues and altering your consciousness, you can open yourself up to love and the abundance of opportunities that life has to offer.

You can also expect dramatic life changes while working with Rebecca because she focuses on clients on a much deeper level than traditional life coaches do. Providing healing and an understanding of how the universe works opens many doors. One might even say that it opens infinite doors! The only thing keeping you stuck in a rut is your own frame of mind and Rebecca is an expert at showing you the thoughts and emotions that perpetually keep you stuck in the same cycle. You can also expect to receive an education on your vibration and how your thought patterns affect the signal that you put out to the world and what you receive in return.


Why should I hire Rebecca as my intuitive life coach?

Rebecca is there to point out what you cannot easily see for yourself. She’s there to assist you in healing and guiding you towards wholeness and well-being in every area of life. Interpersonal relationships complete us and help mirror reflections of ourselves to bring what needs to change to light. Rebecca accelerates that process while providing resources and tools to help you move even further along towards the life you want most.

She’s there when you feel like it’s too hard (or impossible) to heal alone and without guidance. It can be very difficult to heal from old traumas and wounds because we learn to internalize things like the abuse and shame that caused us the trauma in the first place. When we become our own worst critic, it’s difficult to be our own best friend and even more difficult to find healing in that type of mental and emotional environment.

Rebecca offers healing to help you begin to release negative patterns from the very first session. She also provides a tremendous amount of relief to her clients that would have been difficult for them to find otherwise. She is there to motivate, uplift, and help you find what you’re looking for by asking key questions that prompt you to delve into your own mind and heart for answers. She will never tell you what to do or give you commands. She will provide guidance, but will not take control because you are the only one who can make lasting changes in your life. You are, and should always be, in control of your own life.

Rebecca works to teach her clients how to feel whole and complete. Striving for a sense of wholeness is the best starting point for anyone who is looking for total abundance. Rather than going straight for money and other forms of wealth, it’s better to first fulfill ourselves from within. Once we feel complete, it becomes much easier to find the passion that we need to fuel our ever expanding life journeys. It’s nearly impossible to go very far if you don’t fill up your tank with energy, passion and fulfilling experiences first and learn how to sustain or refuel on that fulfillment along the way. There are many ways that Rebecca will do this which may include:

  • Working on building your self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Teaching you how to love yourself
  • Guiding you toward spending more time doing enjoyable activities
  • Reshaping your thoughts and attitudes about life and money
  • Helping you gain a sense of what really matters to you


Signs you could use the help of Rebecca’s Intuitive Coaching

One sure way to know that you could benefit from working with an intuitive life coach is if you’re constantly feeling drained and tired. If your enthusiasm for life has waned and you find that you are having less fun than you used to, working with an intuitive coach can bring meaning back into your life and help you get back your excitement for life and find fulfillment.

You should consider intuitive coaching if you frequently feel:

  • Angry
  • Resentful
  • Unfulfilled
  • Ashamed
  • Depressed
  • Empty
  • Jealous of others
  • Hurt by past events
  • Lonely
  • Unmotivated
  • Drained and tired
  • Confused about where your life is going

Or if you answer yes to any of these questions:

  • Are you feeling insecure about the way you look? Or about yourself in general?
  • Do you have difficulty communicating your wants and needs?
  • Do you fear you’ll be rejected just for being yourself?
  • Do you keep attracting the same type of relationship over and over again?
  • Do you feel as if everyone is judging or criticizing you?
  • Are your emotions easily triggered?
  • Do you feel stuck in your current situation?
  • Do you have difficulties making decisions?
  • Do you have difficulties saying no to the people in your life?
  • Are you a constant people pleaser and put everyone else’s needs above your own?
  • Do you struggle staying faithful in a relationship? Do you have trust issues? Have you been cheated on in relationships?
  • Do you believe life is unfair, meant to be hard and full of stress?
  • Do you have difficulty making choices?
  • Do you feel you just can’t do anything right?
  • Are you feeling angry, sad, lonely, afraid, desperate, needy, unloveable?
  • Do you feel you are a victim of circumstance?
  • Growing up were your parents overly controlling and unsupportive to your needs? Or had an absent parent?
  • Are you in a toxic relationship? Or have toxic parents?
  • Do you feel emotionally manipulated by others or emotionally manipulate others to get what you want?
  • Do you misinterpret other’s actions and words?
  • Are you afraid of commitment? Confrontation or expressing your opinion?
  • Are you afraid to take chances and follow your dreams?
  • Are you constantly arguing or defending yourself with the people in your life?
  • Have you been verbally, mentally or physically abused?
  • Do you find yourself constantly pushing away the people who love you most?
  • Do you sabotage relationships?
  • Are you physically and mentally exhausted?
  • Do you feel you the need to defend yourself and your actions when questioned?
  • Do you feel socially awkward or have social anxiety when interacting with new people?
  • Do you feel no matter what you do or try you just can’t get ahead in life?
  • Are you constantly stuck in your head overthinking and overanalyzing everything?
  • Do you hate your job? Or dealing with work related problems?
  • Do you feel stressed out?
  • Do you feel as if you do everything without any help from your spouse, children, family or friends?
  • Is there a lack of intimacy or sex in your relationship?
  • Are you struggling financially and feel like you just never have enough?
  • Is there constant drama surrounding you?
  • Are you grieving a loved one and having difficulty moving on?
  • Do you find yourself judging and criticizing people?
  • Do you feel you’re just too old and there’s no point so you lock yourself away in your home?
  • Are you constantly comparing yourself to others?
  • Do you have negative self talk? By constantly beating yourself up over choices you’ve made?
  • Are you a control freak?
  • Are you embarrassed or ashamed about your past?
  • Have you convinced yourself you’re okay with being alone?
  • Are you afraid to try new things or just aren’t open to the idea of doing things differently?
  • Do you struggle with alcohol, drugs or overeating?
  • Do you just wish things could be differently?
  • Do you feel guilty all the time?
  • Do you feel everyone blames you for everything? Do you blame everyone for everything?


What areas of my life can Rebecca help me with?

There is no limit to what an intuitive coach can help you resolve or achieve. Rebecca commonly helps people improve their sense of spirituality, reignite their love life, and gain the necessary knowledge to attract and accumulate wealth. A coach of her caliber can help clients in virtually all areas of life:

  • Love
  • Finance
  • Education
  • Career
  • Hobbies
  • Family
  • Confidence
  • Self-love
  • Creativity
  • Service to others
  • Purpose and mission
  • Spirituality and religion
  • Healing emotional wounds and trauma


Commonly used methods during your session with Rebecca

Rebecca tends to use holistic healing techniques which include:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy – is a collaborative, time-limited, and action-oriented psychotherapeutic approach that assumes that faulty thinking patterns cause maladaptive behavior and “negative” emotions. The therapy focuses on changing an individual’s thoughts and dysfunctional beliefs in order to change his or her behavior and emotional state, and replacing undesirable behaviors with healthier behaviors.
  • Crystal healing – Many people subscribe to the belief that crystals and gemstones have healing properties and can absorb and give out energy.
  • Reiki – Reiki is a Japanese touch healing method in which the practitioner manipulates and channels energy into the client’s body. This form of healing is designed to move energy where it is needed and restore balance within the mind and body.
  • Chakra healing – Chakra healing originates in India and stems from the idea that humans house a number of chakras, or energetic fields, that correspond with different areas of the body. It utilizes knowledge of these energetic centers to establish harmony and balance.

While some practices may seem like they need to take place in person, Rebecca can direct her energy to heal remotely and teach her clients techniques that can be used for self-healing.

Energetic healing is not a requirement for working with Rebecca, but it is a huge benefit and one of the most valuable skills she possess.


How much do sessions cost?

This is an investment in yourself and the changes that life coaches help you implement in your life are priceless. What you pay depends upon the value you place in your coaching experience as well as your personal finances. If you are dealing with a stricter budget, be sure to discuss cost upfront with Rebecca as she does her best to accommodate all her clients within their financial means.


How many coaching sessions will I need?

This will depend upon the distance between where you are now and where you want to be. It also depends on how long it will take you to heal your old wounds, let go of bad habits and learn how to use your personal power to pave your own path. Some people may get what they need in as little as one or two sessions. Others choose to build long-term relationships with their coaches to take advantage of the resources and growth possibilities. The longer you work with an intuitive life coach, the more you can benefit and the easier it will be to implement positive change in your life. This is your journey. You choose, based on your own inner guidance, how often and how long you want to work with Rebecca. She will never pressure you otherwise.


Feel free to contact me, I would love to here from you!


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