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Hi Rebecca!

I am grateful for any guidance you may provide on any issue that comes up. My specific question would be related to money and resources. I understand that it is energy related…

Kind Regards,
Age 39
Los Angeles

Hello H,

I’m going to start off with some of the physical things I felt you may be currently dealing with on a fairly regular basis. I feel you suffer from heartburn and indigestion. I also feel as if you have a slight sore throat which could be from the heartburn or the start of a cold. I feel there is something going on with your reproductive organs as well. I’m not certain if it is because you may be on your cycle or ovulating but something is happening with your left ovary. Your left wrist felt a little achy too. Lastly, I felt a large block surrounding your high heart. This could be an indication of a broken heart and definitely tells me your heart Chakra is blocked.

I feel you are very closed off with yourself and others. You have placed layers upon layers of energetic walls around you as a protective barrier. Due to this protective shell you have created it was very difficult to tap into your soul for answers. I feel you spend a lot of time in your head thinking about ways to better yourself yet have a difficult time in executing your ideas. You also have a tendency to beat yourself up over things constantly. You can judge and criticize yourself pretty harshly but I feel you are not fully aware of the fact that you do. Stop blaming yourself and stop thinking you’ve done something wrong because you haven’t….ever, it’s impossible.

The issues surrounding money and resources stem from this protective barrier. You see these barriers are keeping you from experiencing the life you deserve. You have a lot of fear surrounding trust and an overall fear of people on some level. The walls keep your pain and suffering, the unresolved emotional issues, trapped inside. They also keep you from receiving all you desire. The walls must come down in order for you to be open enough to receive. The ebb and flow is blocked. It’s time to start dealing with all the emotions you deem scary, uncomfortable and difficult to express because they are attached to events that have hurt you deeply in the past. Emotions are nothing to be afraid of, they are the catalyst to set you free from being trapped inside of yourself. Start allowing yourself to feel everything possible. Let things flow naturally for you and stop putting so much importance on things from the past. Letting go can be an easy process if you choose to allow yourself to heal. Be conscious of your thoughts and if they start taking you down a path of worry or self judgment, stop yourself and redirect your thoughts by remembering an experience that brought you great joy or something you accomplished.

Begin visualizing and focusing on the ideas you have to generate income and the resources you so desire. What you put energy and feeling into is what shows up in your reality. If you are constantly living and focusing on not having enough then you will never have enough. Take action steps towards your goals, even if it is one small step a day. The Universe will respond. Write down what it is you want to change, heal and create. Get to know the real you. She’s dying to escape and shine forth with all her might. You are a kind, loving, generous woman who sells herself short. You have so much to offer to the world, start practicing showering yourself in all you have to offer. Self love radiates outwardly to the Universe and she responds in turn with more love, more abundance, more health and vitality. Get out of your head and into your heart.

I shared the energy with you pretty intensely to help break up some of those layers. In the next few weeks you will start becoming more aware of your internal state and some things will come up from your past. They will trigger your sadness, your fear, and your rage. Feel what ever comes up, do not judge it, do not do anything except bare witness and accept. The more you practice doing this the more in tune you will become with your intuition. Listen to it and allow it to guide you. Remember, intuition always comes from a place of good feelings.

I wish you all the best. I would love to hear how things work out for you. If you find yourself having a difficult time with the emotions please feel free to contact me.


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